A Banh Mi Photoblog Special

You guys are probably wondering why I've been blogging considerably less than last year and the simple answer is that I've been stuck in a foodie rut. I've been cooking (and probably cooking better than ever before) but a great deal of it is not blog worthy. My inner critic forces me to only want to upload the best of the best and so most of my meals will go unaccounted for even though I have solid recipes to back them up. Is there a market for recipe only (no photo) blogs? I'm genuinely interested in this question. Joel Robuchon's latest cookbook has no pictures yet I find it to be the most consistent cookbook on my shelf in terms of results. But on the other side of the spectrum, food blogs exist to inspire and most people look exclusively at the pictures (you have to say fair enough, not everything needs explaining). Whilst I continue to think of ways to reinvent this blog (ever so slightly) I will keep updating you guys with a range of posts to inspire. Hopefully you find inspiration in my wordless photoblog (photos courtesy of Ibzo) below.